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The Eric Cantor Upset. Business As Usual.

Classic. All anyone could talk about was how big of an upset Eric Cantor would have over his Tea Party opponent in the primary election. It was practically gospel in the media. Which probably led many voting Republicans in his district to, quite simply, not bother going out to the polls. Primaries are boring. And the cookies at the polling place aren’t as good as when Gloria makes them homemade for the Presidential elections. He was a shoe in anyway so why would anyone think their one little vote counted? 

And, let’s be really real for a second, NCIS & NCIS: Los Angeles were both on. Between spending half an hour standing around the middle school gym waiting to vote or catching the latest episode of one of the highest rated shows on network television in the same age, race and socio-economic demographic, the choice was tough. I still can’t figure out how he even came close. 

Tomorrow it will be surmised that this upset is absolute proof that the Tea Party candidate, David Brat, really must have struck a chord with the majority of Virginians who clearly want even more “conservative” politicians in charge of their every move and thought. Glenn Beck will lead us all in an amen and hallelujah for this clear sign that Jesus loves conservatives. Really conservative conservatives. And something about illegals with guns. 

Someone on CNN will sneak in a snide remark about the Tea Party candidate having “caught a lucky break” and brushing his fiscal conservatism under the rug to make room for a smörgåsbord of crazy taken out of context to make him sound even crazier than he might actually be. 

And while everyone in media and politics is chasing their tail to tear down and humiliate Brat for ratings the Democrat, a Mr. Jack Trammell, will crush him. 

And then all the rich corporate backers, who dumped every penny they could into getting Trammell elected to keep the “evil” Tea Party candidate out of office, will pull Trammell’s strings and control his every move. My guess is it will have something to do with tax breaks and maybe fracking. 

Politics is fun. 

-Tabetha Wallace

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